DESTINATION SERVICES FRANCE AND WORLDWIDE

ETN WORLD provides you with best of the Audio Visual services for your events in Paris and around France. Our production department works meticulously on your demand in order to propose you the most adapted technical equipements for your events. We will guide you from the very begining in order to deliver the ultimate results in accordance to your expectations and needs.


  • International Conference Specialists
  • English/ French speaking staff
  • Video/ Data Projection
  • Lightings
  • Sound Systems
  • Stage Set up
  • Booth & Stand fabrication for exhibitions
  • Backdrop framing and masking
  • Decoration & Printing
  • Projection Mapping (2D & 3D)
  • Representation of your company in France at the venue/ site ( Recce)
  • Coordination beforehand with the venue and other suppliers.
  • Equipment delivery to all Paris hotels ( Pullman, Marriott, Hyatt etc)
  • Rental of tents and structures
  • Rental of video production equipments and Drones
  • Multi language translation system
  • Videography & Photography
  • Live relay and webcasting
  • Event Management

    As a specialized provider in Conference and Event Management we offer effective and affordable Conference Management solutions through a range of Conference Tools, Conference Planning and Conference Marketing services.

    Find the solutions and Tools for successful Event Planning

    Enhance your conference and company events with effective Management, Professional Planning and specialized conference tools including easy to roll out solutions like Registration Software, Management Software and Conference Abstract Submission Software.

    With our expert conference marketing and event management services that increase your productivity and effectiveness, it is a easy task to focus on the overall success of your conference.

    Contact us today for effective Conference Co-ordination.

    More than ever before, we live in a visual world – A picture is worth a million words – sums it up well.

    Video is fast becoming one of the most creative mediums in event production. Its now used at even the smallest events. It allows for vast possibilities when delivering a message, sharing info, tapping into emotions or dramatizing an event. Video projection is a great way for you to visually connect audiences with your messages and your mission.

    Use video projection to:
  • Support a verbal presentation with visual interest (data ,graphics)
  • Ensure that everyone in the room can see your presentation
  • Bring your message to life
  • Illustrate elements which cannot be physically brought in
  • Types of visuals
  • Power Point Slides
  • Video and DVD
  • Image Magnification(IMAG)
  • Get some sound sleep the night before your event. From initial planning to every detail and execution we give you a dedicated support for smooth run and success of the event.

    Lighting is a key element in the landscape of your event design.Lighting creates mood and ambiance unlike any other décor .We are here to add a Light touch of sophistication to your event and see what an incredible difference ambient lighting can make.

    Lighting we specialize:
  • Pattern projection
  • String lighting
  • Platform projection
  • Wash lighting
  • Chandeliers and candle lighting
  • Station lighting

    For Professional speaking events, Gala dinners, Conferences choose our PA system rentals which include speakers, cabling and your choice of microphones.

    For amplifying an audio source such as laptop or iPod or a Smartphone choose from our sound system rentals which include speakers ,mixers ,delay speakers etc.
    Formats we specialize:
  • Private dining room
  • Banquet room
  • Standard meeting room
  • Open event space
  • Press conference
  • Outdoor events
  • Multiparticipant meeting

    Video Projection Mapping is an exciting new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display.

    Indoor, Outdoors, Walls, Windows, Trees, Monuments, Round corners, Water-screens, Mountains : projection mapping onto almost any structure or suitable building enabling complex 3D effects generation to bring the surface to life!

    Click to see the different results of 3D mapping in the same hall, Its fun!


      Stage Design Solutions For More Effective Presentations

      We Specialize in Stage designing with
    Wooden Frame Supports, Metallic Frame structures, Projection screens, Led Walls, Flex and Printing,       
      Modular stage set, Lecterns and Top Tables, F
    lats with Auto supports, Pipe and Drape, Trade Show Booths. 


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